Everyone needs a Naomi in their life!
— M.C. from Cypress

D.B. From Spring Branch

We recently worked with a home organizer and I could not recommend her more! Naomi of Charming Spaces is so great and really patient. If you're considering decluttering and organizing but don't know where to start, you should reach out to her. The areas we worked on are so much more functional and removing the clutter feels great!


S.M. From Houston

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Charming Spaces. My husband gave me Charming Spaces sessions as a Mother's Day gift, and I couldn't have asked for a better present. :) My office was full of papers, books, supplies, etc. and hadn't been re-organized for over 6 years! After working with Naomi for 2 days, my office is de-cluttered, organized, and lovely! It is like an entirely new space, and I feel like an entirely new person! Everyone who comes by comments on my "new" office and wants to know about Charming Spaces. Also, Naomi is professional, friendly, efficient, and so fun to work with. I absolutely plan to work with her and Charming Spaces again, and I highly recommend!


T.H. From Jersey Village

She is wonderful, donated an auction item for the fundraiser that I held last year to support teachers, and she’s down to earth! I highly recommend her!


B.L. From Oak FOrest

Thank you so much for all of your help organizing our new home! This year has been so challenging for us but you provided a much needed service in both a kind and professional manner! I truly appreciate everything and look forward to BIG THINGS from you! Thank you again!

Naomi is amazing! There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for a job well done so far!
— S.M. from NW Houston

K.K. From Katy

I loved my experience with Naomi! My garage was one of those places that just had SO MUCH STUFF! In our first session she had it almost completely cleared even better, nothing got brought in and just "put down". It was such a good feeling every time I opened my door and saw the clear space and open path. Can't wait until my next appt!


M.C. From Cypress

She. Is. Amazing. I am currently using her organization services and I feel like a weight has been lifted. I used to be so organized and clutter free before kids but 3 kids (2 are twins) later, I let things go, mess got shoved anywhere and everywhere! And even though I still have decorations hoarded from my 11 year olds 1st birthday party she’s totally non-judgemental! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve warned her before opening a closet/junk drawer, that it’s the WORST ever she tells me “this is nothing!”! She’s awesome!


R.B. From NW Houston

Naomi cares so much about the mental health of her clients. She’s passionate about meeting form and function which leads to really great looking spaces that stay that way just because they make sense.

You’re like, an organizing god.
— Teen from NW Houston

E.W. From Houston

Naomi is so professional, and does amazing work while being practical and compassionate - that's a rare combination that makes her approach truly helpful for clients! She creates charming solutions that continue to work in the long-term.


D.D. From West Houston

Naomi was such a pleasure to work with and her rates are very reasonable. She helped me tackle several areas of my home that were so disorganized and overwhelming that I didn’t even know where to start. Now I’m enjoying my home so much more.


D.M. From NW houston

She has worked miracles at our house!

C.S. From Cypress

Thanks to you, I am starting to finally feel at peace in my home!! After 5 years!

You are the wind beneath my wings!
— S.T. From Garden Oaks

R.B. From Magnolia

Wow! A huge thank you to Kassidy at Charming Spaces! I couldn’t be happier with the progress we made today organizing my teenage daughters bedroom and bathroom! She worked so efficiently along side my daughter and helped her purge her wardrobe, shoes and tons of makeup and then put it all back together in a more organized way! We even had time to organize my spare bedroom and my hall closets! I can’t wait to have her back for phase 2!


S.N. From Houston

Thank you! Paper in my kitchen has been out. of. control. This morning I decided to follow your guide using the materials I had on hand. OMG! while the kids ate breakfast, I went from drowning in random piles to this! Wish I had taken a “before” picture. I’m definitely going to follow your page and reach out for my next big organization project. Thank you!!


S.M. From NW Houston

Naomi is amazing! There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for a job well done so far! I look forward to each visit to see what we can tackle next. Two working adults, 3 children, pulled in different directions daily and added items from my moms passing has made our home full and no space for things to have it’s own place. My husband was very skeptical and couldn’t understand why we had to pay someone to help declutter and organize when we are capable. He soon saw the benefit after our 1st 3 hr session and the amount that we got rid off from our kitchen cabinets and it was done with ease and no arguments about why he thinks I should get rid of something I don’t want too and vice versa. We are slowly but surly getting our house back, everything has its place and can be easily maintained. We still have more to go and looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel but not the end of a great friendship and professional relationship as I will refer my family, friends, and my buyer and seller clients as well!

It’s nice not instantly feeling overwhelmed when walking into a room!
— C.S. From Cypress

A.T. From Copperfield

"I have a room in my house that is so multifunctional I had no idea how to get it organized. I use this room as my home office, craft room, man cave, dog kenneling, & gym! We got one whole side of this room done in 4 hours! Any other time it would’ve taken me 3 days! Charming Spaces brought peace back into my soul!"


I’m very OCD, so I never thought I’d need help organizing. I have a toddler and two jobs, so before I knew it my craft room/office got the best of me. I kept the door closed so I didn’t have to see it. Naomi helped me get it cleaned and organized (even the closet) and now the door stays open 24/7! It’s nice not instantly feeling overwhelmed when walking into a room!


C.T. From Atascocita

Naomi came to our home and helped us come up with a DIY plan to organize our kitchen. The plans she provided are so detailed but easy to follow and, once we put them in to place, I know our kitchen will be like a whole new room! I definitely plan to have her back over to help with other rooms!



Naomi was very patient and thorough with helping us get rid of our paper clutter and even helped in devising a better system to manage the new pieces of mail and other documents we receive. We were able to reclaim our dining table and get rid of the embarrassing piles of stuff starting to accumulate on our kitchen counter and even the dresser in our bedroom. Because it was more than just a quick clean up, but rather advice and habit changes, we’ve been able to keep those spaces relatively clear and the house looks neater in general. Thanks, so much!

She over exceed our expectations.
— K.H. From Cypress


Charming Spaces was helping me with all the paper I had not been dealing with and was piling up. I felt overwhelmed and didn’t have a plan, so it felt insurmountable. She arrived on time, kept me on task and was extremely respectful of the sensitive nature of the documents (medical, taxes, retirement, wills, etc.). I was also left with a plan to keep the pile up from happening again in the future. Thank you!



Naomi helped me organize my master bedroom closet and two pantries over the weekend and she did an amazing job. What a relief it is to have everything straightened out, sorted and put away. Thank you again Naomi!


Naomi helped me organize my very cluttered pantry. I like to bake a lot, so I tend to have tons of baking supplies, different flours, sugars and other baking odds and ends. Naomi worked her magic and now I can find everything quicker.
Thanks again for organizing my chaotic pantry!



Don’t know what we would do without Charming Spaces. She over exceed our expectations. Easy to schedule an appointment and ready to work. Definitely recommend Charming Spaces for any organization needs.