Customized All-Inclusive Experience
100% Confidential
100% Judgement Free

What is included in the service?

Closet Organizer - Interior Design - Houston Organizer

Hands-on time to organize and declutter, plus:

30 minute in-home consultation
Shopping for supplies & making returns
Organizational space planning
Designing organizing solutions
Phone, text, & email support between sessions
Making appointments with other service providers
Donation haul-away (one car-load per session)
Coaching for habits and productivity

Single Session (3 Hours): $225


Package Discounts:

6 Sessions
10% Off

12 Sessions
15% Off

18 Sessions
20% Off


The Luxury Charmed Home Package - $5800

This is an EXCLUSIVE package Fulfilled only by Naomi & 
available to only ONE client at a time

Includes all of the above services PLUS:
1 hour consultation
$500 shopping credit
72 hours of hands-on organizing & decluttering
Light cleaning of the areas we organize
Celebratory lunch with Naomi at a local place of your choosing
One 3-hour maintenance session
One special gift of your choosing: 
Active File Box
Children's Memory Box
Warranty & Manuals Binder
10 Custom Labels

DIY Plans - $300 Per Room

Step-by-step written personalized action plans

DIY plans are best for:

  • Those who don’t know where to start and just need a little guidance

  • Those who want to get organized on their own schedule

  • Those who don’t have trouble staying focused on tasks

  • Those who want to work with us but are on a budget

DIY home organizing - Houston DIY - Houston organizer